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There are plenty of reasons to move away from Lincoln. Maybe you wanted to get lost in a big city. Maybe there just weren’t enough palm trees here. Or maybe you just had to chase those Hollywood dreams. It’s ok. Lincoln isn’t for everyone.

But Lincoln is perfect for some. Those looking for jobs sure seem to like it here. As do art enthusiasts. And music enthusiasts. And sports enthusiasts. Forget about tiny studio apartments. Lincoln’s affordable housing allows dream homes and apartments to become a reality. Hundreds of bars and restaurants in a revitalized downtown scene provide fun after dark. And if you need to get away from it all, you can seek refuge in one of our 125 parks—there’s a park within a half-mile of almost every residence in Lincoln.

Surely you had a good reason to move away from Lincoln. But there are plenty of reasons to move back.

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Neat freaks, it’s your time to shine—figuratively and literally. Dusting, polishing, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, you’ll do it all. And don’t worry, this position is part-time, so your own home won’t have to sit in neglect.

You sat through those four hours of food handler permit training. You might as well put that knowledge to good use for people who will actually appreciate you instead of throwing their latte back through the drive-thru window because you didn’t put in enough sugar-free vanilla pumpkin whatever. You deserve more. Click Apply.

The doctor wrote his orders and left all the work to you. And that’s just the way you like it. You’re patient, cheerful, enthusiastic, and have a genuine interest in Alzheimer and dementia nursing. As a Med Aide, you’ll administer medicine, treatments, and oxygen to residents as ordered by the physician, as well as assist with activities of daily living.

Our nurses are the heartbeat of what we do. Pun strongly intended. As a Tabitha RN/LPN, you’ll be responsible for providing prescribed medical treatment and personal care services to our residents. Position open to licensed RNs and LPNs with good attitudes, patient hearts, and compassion for the elderly.

Charming. Noble. Admirable. Okay, no, that’s not what C.N.A. actually stands for. But those characteristics are certainly important. As a Resident Assistant, you’ll be responsible for providing assistance and giving personal care to residents by addressing their physical, mental, and psychosocial needs.